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Hypnotist Corrie J has one motto: Make all shows safe, clean fun for audience and participants alike.

So many hypnotism shows are not based on fun that the whole family can enjoy, nor are they necessarily safe for any event and venue. Hypnotist Corrie J saw that as a problem in his industry, and set out to change it.

Combining his love to entertain with a passion for hypnosis, Corrie J created a safe, comedy hypnosis show that respects the audience and respects the power of hypnosis. Corrie J is also a registered hypnotherapist, providing assistance for those looking to overcome challenges in their life, including addictions and injury.

Today, schools love booking his shows because they know it will be safe, age appropriate, and tailored for the audience he's working with. Before trying anything new with an audience, he tries out material on his family and friends. They are the age safe sounding board that an all ages performer needs.

The J in Corrie J speaks about a commitment to family. Corrie's middle name starts with J, but that J represents so much more. The J is a memorial to an amazing father, who Corrie J lost to cancer when he was only 52.. His brother and two nephews also have names that start with J, as well as his grandfather. The J keeps Corrie J grounded and linked to his family at every show.


Family time with Corrie J!

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Events across Western Canada and the US

Hypnotist Corrie J entertains at events across western Canada and into the US. Give him a call for your event in and around Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton and the western United States.

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