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Create an Event to Remember with Canada’s Premier Comedy Hypnotist, Edmonton Hypnotist Corrie J

See Corrie J in action Check out videos and pics from past shows and see what all the fun is about!


Prepare to be amazed, entertained and laugh all night! See Corrie J in action


Comedy Hypnosis: Edmonton’s Gateway to Laughter

Step into the magical realm of Corrie J’s comedy hypnosis show in Edmonton, where humor and hypnotic allure merge to captivate your senses. Prepare for an extraordinary entertainment experience, where laughter and the mystique of the mind intertwine, all masterfully presented by the renowned Master Hypnotist Corrie J

Discover a Distinctive Hypnosis Comedy Show

Envision an evening where each laugh pulls you further into an enthralling spectacle, where the commonplace is turned into the remarkable through Corrie J’s masterful hypnosis. This show goes beyond the usual entertainment—it’s an interactive adventure that draws you into the heart of the fun. Observe as audience members become stars of the show, embarking on whimsical adventures under Corrie J’s witty and comedic guidance.
Corrie J has become a hit in Edmonton, expertly mixing impromptu comedy with the intriguing art of hypnosis

Perfect for Any Event

Whether it’s a formal corporate event, a vibrant after-grad party, or an extraordinary evening out, Corrie J provides unmatched entertainment that stands out as truly unique.

Set Off on a Journey with Hypnotist Corrie J

Drawing on his extensive expertise and innate flair for both comedy and hypnosis, Corrie J captivates and excites audiences with every performance. Each show offers a distinct blend of humor and amazement, providing more than mere entertainment—it’s a creative journey guided by one of the industry’s most esteemed hypnotists.

Join in the Excitement!

Make your event unforgettable by diving into the remarkable world of Corrie J’s comedy hypnosis show. Don’t miss the chance to experience this unparalleled entertainment!

Explore the Comedic Marvels of Edmonton's Magical Entertainment

Discover the Blend of Humor and Magic with Hypnotist Corrie J

Enter the magical world of Hypnotist Corrie J, Edmonton’s celebrated comedy magician, where each performance is a masterful fusion of humor and mesmerizing magic. Corrie J transcends traditional magic, blending roaming magic and mentalism with a comedic flair to make your event truly memorable, brimming with laughter and awe. This distinctive style serves as the perfect prelude to the Comedy Hypnosis show, introducing an additional layer of thrill.

Experience Unprecedented Magic with Hypnotist Corrie J

Imagine the excitement as Corrie J interacts with your guests, performing astonishing magic tricks infused with his witty humor, setting the stage for the main hypnosis act. This close-up magic experience ensures each guest receives a personal touch, blending remarkable magic with Corrie J’s distinct comedic style. It’s an immersive experience designed to make every attendee feel a part of the magic, preparing the atmosphere for a memorable hypnosis show.

Tailored Entertainment for Every Occasion

Recognizing that each event is unique, Hypnotist Corrie J personalizes his shows to match the atmosphere and theme of your occasion. Whether it’s a sophisticated corporate event that calls for refined humor and illusion, or a laid-back party seeking non-stop entertainment with laughter and stunning magic, Corrie J adapts his performance to fit the distinct character of your event, ensuring a tailored and unforgettable entertainment experience.

Ensure Your Event’s Success with Hypnotist Corrie J

Enhance your next event with Edmonton’s leading entertainer, Hypnotist Corrie J, and experience a perfect blend of comedy hypnosis and captivating magic. His exceptional skills in engaging audiences and sparking laughter ensure that your event will be remembered long after the curtains close. Don’t miss out on Corrie J’s unique combination of comedic flair and hypnotic allure.
Contact us today to book Hypnotist Corrie J for an unforgettable adventure filled with laughter, magic, and enthralling hypnosis at your next celebration. Step into the enchanting world of comedy magic and hypnosis—your extraordinary journey is just a reservation away!

Children sitting with their eyes closed on stage

Edmonton's Journey to Wellness Starts with Master Hypnotist Corrie J's Hypnotherapy!

Explore the Path to Healing with Hypnotist Corrie J’s Hypnotherapy MP3Programs

Begin your journey of self-improvement with Hypnotist Corrie J, your expert in the powerful field of hypnotherapy in Edmonton. Utilizing his specialized MP3 programs, Corrie J delivers a tailored approach to addressing personal challenges like stress management, habit change, quitting smoking, and weight management. These MP3s offer the necessary guidance and support for you to make meaningful life transformations.

Stop Smoking Today

Successfully break free from smoking with Hypnotist Corrie J’s specialized stop smoking hypnotherapy sessions. Tailored to target your subconscious triggers and cravings, these sessions enable you to quit smoking smoothly and embark on a healthier, smoke-free future.

Achieve Your Perfect Weight

Start a weight loss journey that is both intuitive and enduring with Hypnotist Corrie J’s weight loss hypnotherapy sessions. By addressing the fundamental habits and mindsets that lead to weight gain, these sessions facilitate the adoption of healthier lifestyle habits and a more positive relationship with food, ensuring sustainable weight management.

Discover Peace and Stress Reduction with Hypnosis

In today’s bustling environment, finding inner peace can be difficult. Hypnotist Corrie J’s stress relief hypnotherapy sessions offer a sanctuary for the mind, effectively diminishing stress, anxiety, and tension. Experience enhanced mental clarity and peace, equipping you to face life’s challenges with greater calm and serenity.

Change Your Life Today with Hypnotist Corrie J

Are you prepared to start the journey towards a more satisfied and healthier you? Hypnotist Corrie J’s hypnotherapy MP3s offer a practical and effective means to spark significant personal transformations. Dive into the therapeutic effects of hypnotherapy and emerge rejuvenated, empowered, and ready to realize your full potential.

Contact us today to uncover the life-altering power of hypnotherapy and begin your path to well-being with Hypnotist Corrie J. Your personal growth journey begins here.


With several options available from single performances to full event packages, Hypnotist Corrie J and his talented team can put together a party that works for the audience, the event and the budget.

frequently asked question.

Edmonton Hypnotist Corrie J specializes in providing entertainment for a variety of events, including corporate functions, fairs, festivals, and private parties. His comedy hypnosis shows are tailored to engage and entertain guests, ensuring a memorable experience for all attendees. Please call (780) 425-9888.

We proudly offer our services in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, West Edmonton, Leduc, 82 Avenue Northwest, and Downtown. No matter where your event is located within these areas, Corrie J will bring his top-rated hypnosis show to your venue.

Yes, in addition to our renowned comedy hypnosis shows, we also provide walk-around magic. This interactive entertainment is perfect for keeping guests amused and engaged at corporate events, fairs, festivals, and private functions, adding an extra element of fun to any occasion.

Corrie J’s hypnosis show stands out due to its perfect blend of comedy and hypnotic entertainment. Corrie J’s charismatic stage presence and ability to involve the audience make his performances not only engaging but also unforgettable. His shows are tailored to suit the specific needs of each event, ensuring a personalized experience.

Booking Corrie J for your event is easy! Simply visit our website or contact us directly through our phone number or email. We will be happy to discuss your event details and provide you with a customized entertainment package to make your event a success.


To book Corrie J for an engaging blend of comedic magic and hypnosis at your next event, please use the provided booking details. It’s recommended to book in advance to ensure his availability for your special occasion.

Corrie J’s hypnosis show stands out due to its perfect blend of comedy and hypnotic entertainment. Corrie J’s charismatic stage presence and ability to involve the audience make his performances not only engaging but also unforgettable. His shows are tailored to suit the specific needs of each event, ensuring a personalized experience.


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