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Create a Memorable Occasion with Master Hypnotist Corrie J, Canada’s Premier Comedy Hypnotist, Presenting a Family-Friendly Comedy Hypnosis Show in Calgary!

See Corrie J in action Check out videos and pics from past shows and see what all the fun is about!


Prepare to be amazed, entertained and laugh all night! See Corrie J in action
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Explore the Wonder with Corrie J’s Comedy Hypnosis!

Plunge into the world of Corrie J’s comedy hypnosis in Calgary, where humor and hypnotic spectacle blend to dazzle audiences. Get ready for a distinctive entertainment experience where laughter intertwines with the mysterious allure of the mind, all orchestrated by the famed Master Hypnotist Corrie J.

Experience Calgary’s Premier Hypnosist Comedy Show

Imagine an evening in Calgary where each laugh immerses you deeper into a hypnotic spectacle, transforming the usual into the extraordinary via Corrie J’s expert hypnosis. This show is more than entertainment; it’s an immersive journey that pulls you into the excitement. Observe as audience volunteers partake in comedic adventures under the skillful direction of Corrie J.

Perfect for All Events

Ideal for any occasion, whether a corporate gathering, a lively after-grad celebration, or a memorable night out, Corrie J delivers unmatched entertainment that truly stands out.

Embark on an Adventure with Hypnotist Corrie J

Leveraging his extensive experience and innate talent for comedy and hypnosis, Corrie J captivates and excites audiences. Each performance is a unique journey of laughter and discovery, led by one of the most acclaimed hypnotists in the industry.

Join in the Fun!

Make your event unforgettable by engaging with the extraordinary world of Corrie J’s comedy hypnosis. Don’t miss this unmatched entertainment opportunity!

Discover the Magical Wonders of Calgary's Comedy Magic

Explore the Fusion of Laughter and Illusion with Hypnotist Corrie J

Step into the magical world of Hypnotist Corrie J in Calgary, where each performance is a seamless blend of humor and captivating magic. Corrie J isn’t just a magician; he’s an entertainer who combines roaming magic and mentalism with a comedic twist, making every event uniquely memorable.

Engage in Walk Around Magic with Hypnotist Corrie J

Experience the excitement as Corrie J interacts with your guests, performing astonishing magic tricks infused with his characteristic wit, all setting the stage for the hypnosis show to follow. This close-up magic encounter ensures a personal touch, making the magic and comedy accessible to all attendees.

Entertainment for All Occasions

Corrie J customizes his shows to suit the unique atmosphere and theme of your event, whether it requires sophisticated magic and humor for a corporate function or continuous entertainment for a casual party.

Secure Hypnotist Corrie J for Your Event’s Success

Book Calgary’s premier entertainer, Hypnotist Corrie J, and experience the perfect mix of comedy hypnosis and thrilling magic. His expertise in engaging audiences and eliciting laughter ensures your event will be memorable long after the curtain falls.

Contact us today to book Hypnotist Corrie J and begin an extraordinary journey of laughter, magic, and mesmerizing hypnosis at your next celebration. Your adventure into the world of comedy magic and hypnosis starts with just a booking!

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Calgary's Path to Wellness Begins with Master Hypnotist Corrie J's Hypnotherapy!

Discover the Healing Journey with Hypnotist Corrie J’s Hypnotherapy MP3 Programs

Embark on a transformative path toward self-improvement with Hypnotist Corrie J, your guide through the effective realm of hypnotherapy in Calgary. His MP3 programs offer tailored solutions for personal challenges like stress management, habit change, and specific goals such as quitting smoking and managing weight.

Stop Smoking with Ease

Effortlessly quit smoking with Hypnotist Corrie J’s targeted hypnotherapy sessions, designed to adjust your subconscious triggers and support a healthier, smoke-free lifestyle.

Achieve Your Ideal Weight

Start a easy weight loss journey with Hypnotist Corrie J’s sessions, which address the root habits and mindsets contributing to weight gain, promoting healthier lifestyle choices.

Find Serenity and Stress Relief

In a hectic world, find your oasis of tranquility with Corrie J’s hypnotherapy for stress relief, helping you reduce anxiety and achieve mental clarity.

Transform Your Life Today with Hypnotist Corrie J

Are you ready for a healthier, more fulfilled life? Leverage the power of Corrie J’s hypnotherapy MP3s to make significant changes. Dive into the benefits of hypnotherapy and emerge empowered and rejuvenated.

Reach out today to discover the transformative effects of hypnotherapy and start your journey to wellness with Hypnotist Corrie J. Your path to personal evolution begins here.


With several options available from single performances to full event packages, Hypnotist Corrie J and his talented team can put together a party that works for the audience, the event and the budget.

frequently asked question.

Corrie J frequently performs at corporate events in Calgary. To find out about upcoming dates, please call 306-220-6588.

Corrie J’s magic act is an excellent lead-in to his comedy hypnosis show, captivating audiences with close-up magic and humor. This introduction sets the perfect tone for a more engaging and immersive hypnosis performance that follows.

Hypnotist Corrie J offers a variety of comedy hypnosis shows and can tailor his performance specifically for your event.

Corrie J’s hypnotherapy MP3 programs are designed to facilitate personal transformation and self-improvement. They provide guidance on overcoming challenges such as stress, unwanted habits, smoking cessation, and managing weight.

To book Corrie J for an engaging blend of comedic magic and hypnosis at your next event, please use the provided booking details. It’s recommended to book in advance to ensure his availability for your special occasion.

Corrie J primarily performs his hypnotist shows in areas around Calgary, including Warman, Martinsville, Stonebridge, Pike Lake, and Rosthern, as well as Hague. He offers his services to these communities and is also available to travel throughout Saskatchewan as needed.


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